3 Simple Things to Help You as a New Business Owner

Recently, we shared that we would be sharing aspects of our grant and business plan competition experience with the general public. Now that one competition is under our belt and a second's officially began, here are some reflections.

An Idea Can/Should Be Refined

The more that you learn about the industry you intend to impact, your target consumers, and your competition, the more you may find yourself refining your approach. Your initial idea should be the core of your business concept, but not one that's too rigid to survive.

Discouragement = New Opportunities

Consider the small businesses that endured the first 1.5 years of the covid pandemic. Their willingness to pivot and maximize on other avenues of revenue kept their businesses alive during a time of great confusion and potential disappointment. Remember that discouragement is what inspired you to create your business -- you were displeased with how "the others" were doing something and felt that you could do better -- and stay inspired by opportunity.

A Helping Hand is Always Available

Bouncing ideas off of trusted loved ones, and using the Internet, are good but they aren't the only way that you can increase your knowledge. Look into your city's Better Business Bureau, community colleges, SCORE office, and local library for hands-on and/or in-person guidance when needed. Many of these resources are free and direct paths towards more support. You will identify questions that you might not have thought to ask and be challenged to find the answers.

We believe that these reflections are helpful reminders for any small business owner. Through it all, if you believe that your business is worth working hard for, then commit to not giving up. We believe in you!