Am7 Apothecary is a Quiet Candle Business, but Why?

When your product is aligned with music, things can be loud sometimes. So why have we become so silent around the Am7 Apothecary office?

We announced via Instagram on July 27, 2021, that Am7 Apothecary was impacted by shortages in the domestic candle industry. We also announced that we would be keeping you informed as we entered a metro-Houston business plan competition. Here are those updates.

The pandemic has changed everything. Logically, this isn't much of a shock.

We've learned that adversity is impacting every small- and medium-sized candle company. While many are experiencing great success due to the ease and accessibility of online retail, most are fighting with supply shortages. These difficulties that were once a 2- or 3-week inconvenience are as great as 8 - 12 weeks in some cases.

We've learned that our main supplier is no longer an option. Currently, they cannot handle the continued financial risk of working with candles that aren't available -- from not having the proper wax, to a literal shortage on the cotton used to make wicks -- and had to plan accordingly.

Finally, we've learned that our plan isn't sustainable. We have to change to better accommodate the long-term changes in the candle industry as well as our client demographic.

Am7 Apothecary began with great momentum but must use that energy now to prepare for 2022. We will not be able to realistically meet demands -- perceived or otherwise -- for the 2021 holiday season and will be closing the online store for the remainder of this year.

Because we don't plan to fail, we will not fail to plan as we work through a new business plan. Being upfront about this realization is the honesty and integrity that we are committed to maintaining as we prepare to close our first fiscal year of business in March 2022.

We will continue to keep you updated on social media and our website blog. Likewise, being a part of our email list will help you stay updated. Thank you for your support and appreciation.


Ashley Griffin, Owner