Happy 1st Anniversary, Am7 Apothecary

To my little candle company and its community,

We have successfully reached our first complete year in business in the United States. I am so grateful for the efforts made, hard lessons learned, and unyielding support of the circle surrounding us.

This wasn't an easy feat. I genuinely almost had to close up shop to (yet another) business due to the pandemic. The embarrassment and frustration was a lot to process! Yet through it all, I sought out guidance from those with more experience than myself, reaffirmed my commitment to creating an amazing candle ownership experience, and reassessing my approach.

With this next year of business I aim to create a greater sense of community between you and Am7 Apothecary, taking things from a purely financial transaction to one that nourishes and promotes the "Ambiance for Music Lovers" we've strived to make from the beginning. Longtime supporters will see some changes while newer ones will hopefully identify how distinct Am7 Apothecary is in the small business realm.

You could be buying candles anywhere... and you do! Thank you for sticking it out here.


Ashley Griffin, Owner