What is Food-Grade Wax?

Food-grade wax goes beyond candles.

Have you ever grabbed a candle, sniffed it, and simultaneously thought, "Wow, this smells good. Should I even be sniffing this?" Maybe you didn't expect to care about the type of wax that a candle is made of. Or, maybe you have various allergies and sensitivities that have led you to be very selective about your candle choices. Whatever the stance, informed consumption is a way of life for many and we want you to be informed.

We're talking food-grade wax here. It's sometimes called food coating wax, and yes, there's an amount of consumable wax that is allowed on or within select foods.

How We Use Food-grade Wax

Am7 Apothecary carries some candles in food-grade paraffin wax blends. This blend is used for select candles to enhance the color and its shine. If you've unwrapped a chocolate bar and stood in awe of how shiny it looks, then you've experienced the works of food-grade paraffin wax.

Learn 3 facts about food waxes at BlendedWaxes.com.

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