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Greetings from the Am7 Apothecary Blog

Ambiance for music lovers and goodies for lovers of words, too.

In 2021, we shared posts from the owner of Am7 Apothecary with our customers. This year and moving forward, we want to create and maintain a relationship with our clients. Life moves quickly and often outside of our control. In Tune will be a space to encourage you to slow down and center yourself.

The amount of time it takes to listen to a favorite songs can balance your mood on busy days.

We know that there are plenty of websites and blogs all over the worldwide web to keep you entertained. Let us tell you what we're bringing to the table along with our candles.

What to Expect

Our team and guest contributors will keep you informed of product development, wellness tips, and ever-fascinated by the power of music is what you can expect. We will also share recaps of our online events here for those who aren't in attendance.

Real Reviews

We think our products are great but we know that nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. We'll share extended reviews from our clients here, for better or worse, and let everyday people like yourself tell you if Am7 Apothecary is worthy of being added to your list of favorite candle spots.

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